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St. Kevin Roman Catholic Church

Serving Catholics in Flushing, Auburndale and Bayside

Parish Pastoral Council Members

La’Toya Foster

La’Toya Foster is beginning her second year as the co-chair of the Parish Pastoral Council. She is also a Catechist teaching 5th graders and serves as a Lector for St. Kevin. Outside of St. Kevin she is the Futures Stars Commissioner of G.O.A.L.S Athletic Softball League and she is a Asst. Coach in the Major division. She has been a member of St. Kevin for 5 years now. She went through the RCIA program and was confirmed by Monsignor Finnerty. Professionally she has worked in Financial Services for over 8 years and she is currently employed by Citigroup. She is the mother to an amazing daughter, Tatyana Amador.
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Joseph Mahowald

Joseph Mahowald is a National Pastoral Musicians’ (NPM) Certified Cantor and has been the Cantor at St. Kevin Church for the past 13 years (with a year off to go on a National Tour). He is beginning his second year as Co-Chairperson for the Parish Pastoral Council and he is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Professionally, Joe has played On- and Off-Broadway, worked in recording, Film and Television and on the concert stage around the world. He is married to Elizabeth, and they are the adoring parents of their two wonderful children, Molly and Patrick.
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Aldo Alvarez

Born in Peru, Aldo came to NY in 2003 and lives in Fresh Meadows with his sister and brother-in-law. He studied law and obtained his attorney license in Peru, and got a masters degree in law here in NY from Touro Law School in Central Islip. He has been working in maritime insurance and claims adjusting for the last 35 years and continues to enjoy it. In Peru, he was very active in the Catholic Church in different groups, and in St. Kevin he has been a member of the prayer group for the past two years and tries to attend every course about our Catholic Faith that the parish offers.
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Peter Chan

Peter Chan has been attending to St. Kevin’s Church since 1998 for 17 years.  He has been a member of the Liturgical Ministries since then.  He has joined the Pastoral Council for a year.  He is also the President for Academy Parents Association and a sub-committee member for the Finance Committee of St. Kevin Catholic Academy.  He has been working as a Senior Licensed Personal Banker with Astoria Bank for over five years.  Peter has 14 years of work experience in accounting and 11 years in banking as a well-rounded professional.  Peter is married to Sue, and has two daughters, Valerie and Victoria who are members of the Children’s Choir and Altar Servers.
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Helen DiScala

Helen DiScala is in her second term of serving on St. Kevin's Parish Pastoral Council. Helen has also served as a Catechist. She is a proud Columbiette with the General Sherman Father Shine Council. Helen is  also the Vice President of her co-op. Professionally, Helen is the Director of a Special Investigations Unit. She lives happily with her four dogs and cats too.
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Rolf Graeber

Rolf Graeber's family has been a member of St. Kevin's parish since 2013. Rolf comes from an electrical engineering background and works in the fields of data analysis, systems design and web development. He is an extraordinary minister of holy communion and a St. Kevin soccer coach. Rolf is married to Alice and they have two wonderful children, Vivian and Rolf Charles. Their children are active in the St. Kevin children's choir, track team, soccer team and the cubscouts.
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Deirdre Harnett

Deirdre Higgins Harnett is serving her second term on the St. Kevin Parish Pastoral Council and is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.  She is graduate from St. Kevin School.  She is also a subcommittee member on the Education Committee and active member of the Academy Parents Association at St. Kevin Catholic Academy. Deirdre is married to Bill and they have three wonderful children, Kate, Eddie and Kevin.   Eddie and Kevin attend the St. Kevin Catholic Academy and Kate is a recent graduate. Professionally, she has worked as a School Psychologist for twenty years.
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Catherine Hermosilla-Szap

Your description goes here.
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Fanping Liu

Fanping has been attending St. Kevin Church since 2011 and he has been an usher for the Sunday 8:00 AM Mass since 2013. He also volunteered for the Parish Auction in autumn 2015. This is his first time serving on the Parish Pastoral Council. Fanping is admitted to the New York State Bar, and works in-house for a software company on Long Island. He received his legal education in China, South Korea, and the United States. Fanping enjoys reading and creative writing both in Chinese and English.description goes here.
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John Miller

I am a retired Recording Engineer working mostly in the Television & Radio advertising business (commercials). Our family has been a member of this parish since 1977. My two sons both are graduates of St. Kevin School, and my oldest son, Peter, is an usher at Mass at times. My wife, Ann Louise, is an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I have been a member of the Holy Name Society from about 1985 to now. I am also a member of the Sunday scripture study group that meets on Wednesday mornings. I also volunteer my time for CCD.
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Gerard Picardi

Gerard is retired from con Ed with 40 years of service.. There he was a material analyst. He chaired committed , such as improving safety, and moral. He was a active member of helping hand , a charity group. He is a recipient of several awards including their highest lov award (1998).
Gerard has been a member of our parish since 1971. He has been our prayer group leader since 1989. He and his wife Annie have been involved in many past parish events.
They live here in Auburndale with their fur kid Ebbe. (11 yr old 11 pound poodle ).
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Rohit Pinto

Rohit Pinto is our new member of the Parish Pastoral Council . He, along with his wife Priya, and their children Aiden and Ava, have been parishioners for the last 2 years. He is a Pediatric Critical Care physician for the past 10 years with a passion for global health. He is grateful for this opportunity to serve our church,school and parish.
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Ron Spinelli

Ron Spinelli is our new member of the Parish Pastoral Council . He, along with his wife Monique, moved from the St Anthony's parish in NorthPort Long Island, where they raised their two daughters, to Auburndale 9 years ago and have been parishioners for the last 9 years.
Ron works as an Engineer for Con Edison in the Energy Efficiency program and recently assisted St Kevin's in converting the Church and Parish Center to LED bulbs.

Ron is grateful for this opportunity to serve our church, school and parish.
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Albert Wetherell

Your description goes here.
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Executive Summary of Parish Pastoral Plan


GOAL: To foster an ongoing evangelization of the parish.

  • Objective: To train members of the evangelization committee to actively engage in the new evangelization, reaching out to inactive catholics and promote Catholic social justice and the dignity of all persons
  • Objective: To train parish personnel, ushers, secretaries, parish minsters to be open and welcoming and thus promoting a welcoming environment in the parish
  • Objective: To offer opportunities for all to know and grow in their faith: adults, young adults, youth, children and families, and offer an ongoing invitation to persons searching for truth to join the RCIA


GOAL: To build a welcoming parish community.

  • Objective: To offer opportunities for training of lay leaders to get involved in the follow up to Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals, establishing Bereavement group
  • Objective: To implement faith-filled Sunday liturgies and Sacramental Life of the Parish welcoming all ethnic groups and languages
  • Objective: To keep an ongoing communication with parishioners, creating a well designed parish bulletin coordinated with the Parish website, keeping updated parish database and a parish e-mail list


GOAL: To provide opportunities and ministries for parishioners to directly serve those in need.

  • Objective: To organize regular food collections and distribution to parishes in need involving all parishioners and especially recruit and train young people for service
  • Objective: To set up a Ministry Fair offering opportunities for parishioners to get involved and offer their services to those in need, especially our own seniors
  • Objective: To develop an organized outreach to seniors, addressing their needs and offering lists of businesses and individual parties offering help to parishioners


GOAL: To re-invigorate parish leadership groups

  • Objective: To re-invigorate Parish Council and Finance Committee, establishing a process to recruit new members, keeping minutes and regular meetings
  • Objective: To establish clear guidelines and expectations, job descriptions and annual reviews for all parish professional staff and employees
  • Objective: To encourage and support parishioners’ participation in the Pastoral Institute and other diocesan formation programs
  • Objective: To keep alive in the parish our responsibility to pray for and to promote vocations and a well-trained and enthusiastic Vocation Committee

Three Year Goals


To build a welcoming parish community where all are part of one family

  • Explore the possibility of parish societies and groups hosting a "themed" hospitality after a designated mass once a quarter.
  • Have trained lay leaders conduct faith formation programs, sacramental follow up programs and a bereavement ministry.
  • To implement a faith-filled Sunday liturgy and Liturgical life of the Parish in general welcoming all ethnic groups and languages.
  • Establish and coordinate a public relations committee within the parish and to the outside community.
  • Update the Parish website and establish an e-mail website.
  • Collect and build an e-mail data base.


To have a well-formed Evangelization Committee actively engaged in fostering the evangelization of the parish.

Offer comprehensive training to all its members.
Offer adult faith formation opportunities.
Provide ongoing training for hospitality ministers, secretaries and other parish personnel that will foster a welcoming environment in the parish.
Provide opportunities to people to inquire about our faith and participate in the RCIA program.
Offer opportunities to all parishioners to become an advocate for social justice, respect life, family values, religious freedom, etc.
Support and strengthen all the current youth programs.
Create a Young Adult Program.
Encourage parish leaders to be active in civil life.


Provide opportunities and ministries for parishioners to directly serve those in need.

Establish a parish St. Vincent de Paul Society.
Develop a food collection partner.
Offer information to parishioners to find assistance such as Catholic Charities, NYC programs and Internet links.
Prepare a volunteer list of businesses and individual parties offering their help to parishioners, especially seniors in need.
Hold a Ministry Fair.
Address the needs of the senior adult population including establishing a transportation fund with a car service (perhaps Four Twos).
Develop a program to recruit and train high school students for various ministries and services within the parish.


To reinvigorate the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council

Schedule regular meetings and keep minutes.
Establish a process to recruit new members.
Provide and support clear expectations to all professional staff members.
Create job descriptions and annual reviews for all employees of the parish.
Encourage and support parishioners' participation in the Pastoral Institute and other diocesan formation programs.

Five Year Goals


Establish a Liturgy Committee for the coordination and implementation of liturgical life in the parish.

Involve the representatives of the various ministries – lectors, ministers of Holy Communion, music ministers, ushers and catechists if there is a discussion of the Liturgy of the Word.
Expand the existing Consolation Ministry that will be present at the Funeral Mass and wake service at the funeral home.
Provide welcoming to all people attending the funeral in the Church and assist in seating.
Provide training as needed.
Expand musical ministry to include different types of music such as bell choir or guitar Mass.
Utilize young people who are trained on a musical instrument.
Further develop both adult and children’s choirs.


To provide lifelong faith formation programs to serve the members of the Parish.

Plan short and long term faith formation programs for adults.
Form faith sharing groups.
Offer courses at different day and evening sessions.
Qualify and train new catechists according to the diocesan directives.
Prepare a personal plan formation for each catechist.
Provide opportunities for parental involvement and engagement in their children’s faith formation.
Improve meetings for parent / child sacramental preparations.
Offer intergenerational opportunities for faith formation.
Develop a youth and young adult faith formation ministry.
Keep updated the library of relevant and current Catholic literature, books, movies and music.


To assure that the Parish is financially responsible.

Increase the Parishioners awareness of our financial needs and goals.
Expand beyond the annual report to keep Parishioners aware of our ongoing financial progress through the bulletin and the pulpit.
Pulpit announcements should be done by both priest and lay people.
Assure proper maintenance of all parish properties.


We are grateful for the hard work and efforts of all those who worked on the Parish Pastoral Plan and the goals that we will pursue as a parish over the next 3 to 5 years. God bless you for your generosity to our parish!