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St. Kevin Roman Catholic Church

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Music Ministry

At the moment, there are two groups that assist with the music here at St. Kevin. We have a traditional choir of adults who sing at the 12 noon Mass each Sunday. We have a children's choir and they sing at the 10 o'clock Mass each Sunday.

Children's Choir

The Saint Kevin's Children's Choir has been in existence in one form or another for many years now. The current choir sings at the 10 o'clock Mass on Sundays as well as at our Christmas concert, at Confirmation and various other special events throughout the year.

At this time, we have roughly 20 members, mostly from St. Kevin School, but we are open to public school children as well. Members should be in the third through eighth grade and should be available for rehearsals every Thursday from 3:00 to 4:15 PM.

Our singing season begins in mid-September and ends in mid-June. Good behavior and attendance is very important. Voice training is part of the rehearsal as well as some basic music instruction.

Adult Choir

Adult Choir

St. Kevin's adult choir has been providing music for the parish for many, many years. Some of our current members have been singing for over 30 years, some for only a couple. We are a mixed chorus of nearly 20 men and women and sing in a variety of styles, with a tendency towards classical repertoire. For some occasions, we sing along with the Children's Choir.

A parish the size of St. Kevin could easily support an adult choir of more than 30 members, and has in the past done that. With more than a thousand people in attendance on a weekend here, we should have many more people involved in the music program. Please consider helping in some way.

The adult choir rehearses every Thursday evening from 8:00 until 9:30. We sing at the 12 noon Mass on Sunday as well as several other services in the liturgical year.

How to join

Anyone interested in assisting the music program at St. Kevin in any way is encouraged to contact the Director and organist, Tom Sexton, one of our cantors or a choir member. All can lead you in the right direction. Additionally, you may leave your name and phone number at the rectory or with a choir member so that you can be contacted.

Congregational Singing

The Catholic Church has a long tradition of beautiful music This tradition includes hymnody, chant, and solo repertoire. Unlike other Christian denominations, however, many Catholics do not see the value or necessity of congregational singing.

It is the role of a choir to enhance the music of our Sunday Mass with harmonies and solos, but not to sing in place of the congregation. Much of what is sung on Sunday is to be sung by you, the people of our congregation. You should be singing as strongly as you respond "amen" or "and with your spirit."

If you decide not to join one of our choirs, you are still asked to participate fully in the spoken and sung responses. The faithful Catholic can sing, and will.