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St. Kevin Roman Catholic Church

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Beginning the First Sunday of October we will have the Liturgy of the Word for children. Any children who wish to participate will be dismissed after the Opening Prayer and return to the assembly after the Prayers of the Faithful. The Gospel will be broken open at their level so they can welcome it into their hearts and put it into action.

1st Sunday of the Month …..…...Kindergarten and 1st Grade
2nd Sunday of the Month….......2nd Grade
3rd Sunday of the Month…….….3rd & 4th Grade
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Following the 9:00 Mass on Wednesday mornings, parishioners gather to reflect on the following Sunday’s Scriptures. Everyone is able to offer their personal thoughts and reflections as to how these readings apply to all of us in the world today. We use the booklet, “At Home with the Word,” and the newsletter, “Exploring the Sunday Readings,” as guidelines. The experience is very informative and most enjoyable with plenty of time for forging friendship and laughter.
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Root of Jesse Prayer Group

Meets in the school cafeteria on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM throughout the year. Please contact Gerard Picardi at 718-423-2128 during the evening.